Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who I am...

I've been around for 23 years and I probably only know 1% of who I am. I think people aren't telling the truth when they claim to know all about themselves. How can they, unless they base their identity on their career, or interests, or check book. I don't think I'll fully understand who I am until I understand more completely The One who thought of me in the first place. I catch small glimpses of myself... when I sing or write I see passion and expression, when I converse with others I recognize my need for relationship and the desire to be known and loved. Would it be safe to say that who we really are is found outside of our 5 senses (but not excluding them)? That thought brings me comfort because when I roll out of bed and go to the job that's unfulfilling, or when I turn on the TV and see a celebrity that appears to have ''made it'', I come to the conclusion that none of us have arrived yet. Some of us are just better at forgetting that we're lost. I also see that we all want to imitate something greater than ourselves... or someONE greater. It's all around us. We live in a schizophrenic society, where people try to fit in everywhere with everyone, being everything to every person and losing who they really are in the process. I don't blame anyone for it. I find myself doing the same thing. So is there an answer to this way of living? I once heard somebody talk about choosing Life moment by moment. Do we really choose Life as though it were an option? Or do we wake up to each day and look at it as though it were this big uncontrollable machine? I believe Life is an option. and it's in accepting that, that we will find our true identity. I choose Life abundantly and I know one day we will come face to face. and at last, I will really know who I am, alongside yourself. Hopefully mine will get better.

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